What is the Difference Between Yoga and Hot Yoga Consoles

Hot yoga is more popularly known as power yoga, a type of vinyasa yoga that features dynamic and energetic moves. In its most common form, hot yoga consists of exercises that are done in the sun with minimal, if any, clothing. In hot yoga, participants sweat because the moves involve high levels of body heat. Power yoga is essentially a variation of hot yoga in which the emphasis is placed on cardiovascular exercises. see this
Hot yoga as exercise is performed under hot and humid circumstances, causing significant sweating. Some hot yoga sessions even seek to recreate the sweat-inducing heat and humidity of India’s traditional hot yoga sessions, where practicing yoga originally originated. If you do not have a room temperature suitable for dancing, practicing yoga outdoors in a hot, humid room can be an exhilarating experience. The best way to enjoy it is in a private room with a fan or air conditioner turned on low, and plenty of fresh water nearby.
You can reap the health benefits of hot yoga by performing the exercises outdoors, as long as they are done at a slightly higher temperature than what is considered to room temperature. Because yoga has been practiced for so long and is now enjoyed throughout the world, there have been many studies done on its health benefits. It has been proven to increase flexibility, reduce stress, reduce heart rate, improve circulation, increase stamina, lower fat levels and decrease the risk of many types of cancer.