The Importance Of Surrey Vinyl Decking

When vinyl decking first hit the scene in the early 1990’s, it was considered “state of the art” for its slick, uniform look. The new composite decking, wood-like material, and pre-manufactured patterns were on the market and decking installers soon realized there was a huge market in vinyl decking for homes and commercial structures. In short, the new construction process of vinyl decking made it easier for builders to build more decks.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Surrey vinyl decking.

But vinyl decking quickly proved to be more problematic than anticipated, especially in coastal areas. Weather experts reported that vinyl decking had virtually no effect on hurricanes, even though many local home owners were installing hurricane shutters and other heavy-duty hurricane protection measures. Even with these precautions, vinyl decking failed in even the strongest storms, often being chipped off by strong winds and too large to cover large areas. Concerned citizens and government scientists issued statements calling for more studies into the effectiveness of vinyl decking against tornadoes and hurricanes. And although recent reports seem to indicate that vinyl decking does have some positive effect on hurricane development, more study and testing are definitely needed.

With more research, the need for a better solution became obvious, and now vinyl decking manufacturers have found a way to combine vinyl-coated wood materials with a revolutionary new waterproofing system. Liquid deck coating is a revolutionary technology that provides superior protection against both hail and rain, while extending the life of your deck by up to 20 years. With the advent of this new waterproofing system, you no longer need to be concerned about vinyl decking failing or falling apart due to intense storms. No longer do you have to replace your expensive wood deck because it can’t withstand a powerful hurricane. No longer do you have to worry about your vinyl decking panels not being able to withstand the test of time against the raging wind and heavy rainfall associated with tropical storms.

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