Marketing Your Guttering And Roof Repair Business

If you own a gutter business, there are a variety of marketing strategies you can use to attract more customers. Marketing is an important part of any successful business, and there are a variety of low-cost ways to promote your company.
If you’re starting a new company and having trouble finding your first few clients, you may want to try the following marketing strategies to help you get started. Existing business owners can find these options useful as well, as it is not unusual for companies to struggle to find work in this economy. Get the facts about roof see this.
Placement of Local Advertising
Advertisements in local newspapers and magazines have been a common form of marketing for many years, and they are an excellent way to raise awareness of your services among the local community. You should expect to pay a weekly fee for a continuing ad in a local newspaper (usually starting at £40) that is published weekly, and a slightly higher fee for magazine ads that are published less frequently.
Take your company online.
To promote your website online, you can hire a web designer to design and create it for you. You’ll just need a 1-4 page site built, with a homepage, service information, a little about the business, a contact page, and, if possible, a few testimonials. You can use search engine optimization to promote your website, and you can also create a Google Place for your company to help draw visitors. Don’t forget to include your website address on any business cards, flyers, or other advertising materials as a place where people can go to learn more about your services.
Use free directories to your advantage.
List your company in as many free directories as you can, including printed magazines like the Yellow Pages and the infinite number of directories available online. Online directories allow you to provide key details about your company, such as category, contact number, web address, operating hours, areas covered, and a summary of your services, in just a few minutes.