Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer- A Review

A criminal defense lawyer is an attorney specializing in the representation of people and businesses charged with criminal action. Criminal defense lawyers have the responsibility of defending individuals charged with crimes, including state and federal offenses. These lawyers are licensed by the state in which they practice and may appear in criminal courts throughout the state as well as in federal courts outside of the state. In some states, defense lawyers may appear in all state courts. It is the responsibility of these criminal defense lawyers to obtain the most favorable resolution for their clients and to obtain the right kind of result for their clients. There are several types of criminal defense lawyers, including prosecutors, defense lawyers, public defenders, private attorneys and investigators. Have a look at Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Many times, attorneys who represent clients accused of committing crimes work independently of the prosecuting attorneys. Prosecution lawyers usually work under the supervision of a State’s Attorney. Public defenders handle cases that do not involve state law. Private attorneys, who work on a fee basis, generally have a relationship with a defense attorney who represents the defendant.

Sometimes, during the course of a trial a plea bargaining attorney may be appointed to represent a client who is unable to come to a plea agreement with the prosecutor. This type of criminal defense lawyer will advise their client as to whether a plea bargain will be beneficial to them. If a guilty plea is not acceptable to the client, they will discuss the options available to them, such as a trial. If a trial cannot be agreed upon, then the client may present their case to a jury. In some instances, where plea negotiations have failed, the client may choose to present their case to a judge instead.

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