Downtown Ocala Restaurants – Intro

If you are looking for the best American restaurants in Ocala, Florida then you must not miss out on the Top Three restaurants of Downtown Ocala. In fact, if you are looking for the best restaurants in Ocala and if you do not have a budget to splurge, Downtown Ocala restaurants offer the world with great food at reasonable rates. The city is known for the amazing dining, shopping, art galleries and golf courses and so does the Ocala restaurants. Here are some of the popular Ocala restaurants that you might like to try out:
If you love beer, then you must try out Mill’s Beer Garden which is located at Northspring Boulevard just across the street from the famous Spring Break Beach. Apart from beer gardens, Mill’s has also established an adjoining bar called “The Works”. From the bar, you can have an unobstructed view of the beach, its mountains and the ever progressing sunset. The top three restaurants of Downtown Ocala restaurants that serve beer are Mill’s Beer Garden, The Works and Lake Street Pub & Grill. Checkout Downtown Ocala Restaurants for more info.
When it comes to dining, Downtown Ocala offers up some of the most spectacular choices. You can simply take a gondola ride to one of the three world class restaurants of Downtown Ocala. From the restaurant you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor views of downtown Ocala as well as the breathtaking accommodations of the four star hotel. You can also have a great time watching the local horse country during your stay at the four star hotel. The Winery Tour and Tasting Tours are also very popular with tourists.