Clasification Of Dog and cat urine stain removal

Having a pet can be great in terms of companionship and protection around the house. They are fun to be around and can really make a person smile just by looking at them. One big disadvantage though is the mess that they can create and more notably, the urine stains that they can leave on your beautiful carpet. Pet urine is something that can really ruin your carpet. Not only does it make a stain but it also leaves a very unpleasant smell.
Dealing with pet urine stains can be a difficult challenge. If you find yourself in this situation though do not fret, as cleaning pet stains can be hard but not impossible. Here are some of the steps you can take to clean that messy and smelly pet urine stain from your carpet.

The first point of emphasis is to act immediately to clean up the urine. Do not let it dry up, as it will only make it harder for you to remove. Once you see your pet urinate on the carpet, start cleaning it right away with the following steps.
· Use a clean cloth to absorb as much of the urine as possible. Gently apply some pressure with either your hands or a weighty object placed upon the towel. Make sure not to use a rubbing motion. Rubbing will only push the urine further into the fibers, making the clean up much more difficult.If you wish to learn more about this, visit dog and cat urine stain removal.

Next, apply a cleaning solution to the stained area of the carpet. You can take your pick from a commercial carpet cleaning product or you can make your own from common household items. You can use ammonia, which is a great pet stain and odor remover, by mixing one teaspoon of it with a half cup of water. Apply your solution with a spray bottle, directly onto the area. Make sure to only use a little at a time. You can always add some more afterward.
· After spraying the area with the cleaning solution, use a clean cloth or towel to blot the stain. After blotting some, here is where you can add some more of your cleaning solution if necessary.
· Repeat the spray and blot process until you have completely removed the urine stain. Once the stain is gone, thoroughly rinse your carpet with clean water to remove any excess cleaning solution.