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A criminal defence attorney is a lawyer who specialises in defending persons and companies who have been charged with a crime. Legal defence attorneys, also known as criminal lawyers, are lawyers who represent people who have been charged with a crime. Lawyers who practise criminal defence must have a JD from an accredited law school and pass the state bar exam. Lawyers may gain state bar status and practise in their state after passing the bar exam. Our website provides info on Silver Law Firm

Through conducting interviews, writing a detailed defence plan, reviewing the case laws of the state in which the case will be charged, and determining the defendant’s strengths and weaknesses, the criminal defence attorney will prepare the defendant for his or her court date. The majority of criminal defence attorneys begin their clients’ court cases with a conference room meeting. From there, a systematic legal plan is devised, including potential results and repercussions if the defendant fails to appear at all hearings, enters a guilty or nolo contendere plea, or participates in some other way in the case. The judge in charge of the case is then faced with this legal tactic. A date for a court appearance will be set if the criminal defence attorney’s plan is accepted.

Criminal defence lawyers may collaborate with prosecutors in some cases to find the least damaging charge possible. In other cases, the lawyer can represent himself or herself. A guilty plea will result in a more lenient sentence for the defendant. The criminal defence attorney can bring this to the court’s attention if the prosecutor agrees to a plea bargain. The charges can be diminished, the amount levied reduced, or the entire penalty dropped in certain plea bargains. The criminal defence attorney must perform research into the crime in order to make the strongest case to the court in favour of his or her client’s plea deal.