About Medical Marijuanas Doctors

If you are a constituent of the millions who have opted to use medical marijuana, you should have your license to do so issued by your local or state Board of Medicine. This license should be noted and maintained on a daily basis. Additionally, a valid application for your medical marijuana card will come with the following: A Good Faith Estimate from the actual physician reviewing your application. Your physician will gather appropriate diagnostic documentation from your primary treating physician. Have a look at Medical Marijuanas Doctors.

There is an additional level of protection afforded patients seeking treatment through the use of medical marijuana. All patients are automatically exempt from law enforcement to detain and arrest when they visit their selected medical marijuana doctor for a consultation. Additionally, patients will be allowed to freely discuss any and all aspect of their treatment, including any and all prescribed treatments. Should an officer come to ask about your visits, it is recommended that you simply cooperate with the officer. Patients are then entitled to a free choice of answering the question, “Have you ever had a prescription for cannabis?”

The next step you can take to ensure you receive compassion and consideration from a medical marijuana doctor is to make an appointment. Each doctor will prescribe a different amount of time to complete a recommendation appointment. For example, some physicians are more willing to work around your schedule while others prefer to continue business as usual. Additionally, the same physician may not want to see patients on a specific day or time of day. If this describes your particular case, it may be in your best interest to make a special appointment.