Window Replacement For More Energy Efficient Homes

With the rising interest in environmental issues causing more people to wonder what they can do to help, the number of energy efficient window replacements has also increased. What some people fail to realize is that their homes could actually be a lot cheaper to run and also more environmentally friendly at quite a low cost.

The truth about old windows

Some homeowners may believe that getting double glazed windows is more hassle than it’s worth. However, the actual facts about old windows make window replacement seem like a very attractive option. Often, older windows are very drafty due to ineffective caulking around the window which can be extremely detrimental for a household.

Not only are they inefficient but they are unappealing, often window replacement isn’t just an environmentally beneficial process, it is also advantageous to the aesthetics of a house. Add in the fact that you might qualify for a $1500 tax credit for replacement windows and the idea all makes sense. Link click

What are energy efficient windows?

Even in today’s modern world, a lot of the windows are only single-glazed which are not cost effective. By replacing your windows with double-glazing you will not only be doing your part for the environment, but you could be significantly lowering your household costs. The windows do not allow as much change in temperature and as such do not depend on the temperature outside.

With a more constant temperature, there are fewer costs insured for electricity on the heating and cooling of your house. Other benefits of energy efficient windows include:

  • Less fading
  • Less condensation
  • More light
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduced UV damage

The latest trends in home window replacements

In terms of aesthetics, some new windows are fitted with tinted glass to make them almost unnoticeable. In terms of being energy efficient, modern windows can now be fitted with Argon in between the two panes. This is a less conductive gas meaning there is less alternation in temperature levels.

Another innovation is the use of e-coating, a clear coating applied to glass which still keeps radiant heat in but allows more light through. This comes in varying grades which can be picked to be more suitable to the climate of the area you live in.

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