Ultimate Guide To Fort Myers Lift for Stairs

This article provides a quick rundown of the advantages that stair lifts can provide to their users. Stair lifts have existed in different ways for many years; King Henry the Eighth is said to have used one, and there is evidence of human and animal-powered hoists being used in a similar capacity as early as the 3rd century BC.Do you want to learn more? Visit Fort Myers Lift for Stairs.

Option & Independence

The obvious advantage of stair lifts is that they enable passengers to travel up and down stairs. Beyond this strictly physical advantage, they are able to provide their users with flexibility of choice, including the freedom to travel around their current home and avoid having to relocate, as well as the option to remain in their current home or one of their choosing.

People who develop mobility problems are often forced to leave their current home because the stairs have become too difficult to ascend, or their options for a new home are extremely restricted to one-story structures. This option can be restored with a well-tailored stairlift solution. You are no longer forced to leave familiar surroundings, friends, and relatives, or to choose from a limited number of housing choices. Stair lifts also provide peace of mind to the user’s family members. They are excellent health and safety machines, carrying passengers safely up and down the stairwell.

Many lift users may travel about their homes with relative ease, but find the stairs to be a little more difficult, which is concerning for relatives. Stairs in older homes can be narrower and steeper, posing additional obstacles for individuals with mobility issues and, as a result, additional concerns for worried relatives. A properly built and maintained lift will provide peace of mind that a relative would be able to take the stairs safely every time.


But how do stair lifts operate, and what features do you look for? Obviously, features differ by model and manufacturer, but here’s a quick rundown of some of the most useful ones to look for.

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