Towing Service

Transportation of heavy trailers and large vehicles is regulated through licensing and insurance. An example of a Towing Service in a simple sentence. As defined in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations – “The term ‘towing-tow’ or ‘tow truck’ means a motor vehicle that is to be towed by another motor vehicle.” Other Laws (19 Amend. Code of Conduct (1911) Code of Conduct (Cortex) – “No person may drive on any public highway any motor vehicle which has been previously operated on any public road or by any public carrier except on private roads which are controlled by the department of motor vehicles.”Checkout Ottawa Towing Service for more info.

The problem arises when you are driving with a flat tire and the tow truck cannot be brought to your aid. It can be quite imprudent to pull over and call for help if the flat tire is not easily accessible. The best thing to do is find someone who can pump your flat tire but if the towing service is not available or affordable, there are other alternatives.

One can call for an ambulance and wait for them to arrive on scene. The other alternative is to use the phone book and look up an emergency towing service. These services will usually respond very promptly. Another option is to look up online yellow pages where you can get information on roadside assistance companies. You can even search for roadside assistance in the yellow pages.


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