Getting Your Sports Medicine Major Allows Amazing Flexibility

Choosing a career in sports medicine always leaves you with a variety of options. A major in sports medicine does not bind you to a particular career path, but rather provides you with a great deal of versatility. Depending on your major, you may be employed in any of the following interesting fields:  Hendersonville sports medicine is an excellent resource for this.

Physical Therapy Athletic Training

Medical Doctor with a Specialty in Sports Medicine

Physiology Investigations

Kinesiology Investigation

Licensed Massage Therapist

Consultant of Corporate Fitness

Personal Training

Consultant in Sports Equipment Design

This is just a small sample of the possible career paths available to those who major in sports medicine. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these jobs.

Sports Medicine Specialist is a medical doctor who specialises in sports medicine.

Most people will consider this to be the peak of Sports Medicine practise. It all begins with a burning urge to assist athletes and regular people suffering from exercise-related injuries. This is a demanding profession that often necessitates 60-hour work weeks, but the benefits are substantial.

A Bachelor’s degree in sciences or a pre-med degree is required to become a Medical Doctor with a specialisation in sports medicine. You will then need to attend an approved Medical College to pursue a medical degree. This is followed by a three-year or longer residency, during which you may be able to begin specialising in sports medicine. After completing your residency, you can join a fellowship where you will be able to select your own specialisation and fine-tune your craft.

Many medical students who choose to specialise in sports medicine select Orthopedics as their primary field of study. Others take a more broad approach, studying internal medicine or general practise.