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Another significant aspect that influenced my decision was financial stability and independence. The prospect of being my own boss was exhilarating. There’s no need to be concerned about downsizing because the number of managers is equal to the number of patients. I could live there as though I owned it (literally). There are no workplace concerns unless I mistreat my auxiliary employees. Another fascinating aspect of dentistry was the dentist’s versatile and healthy lifestyle. A dentist has the option of changing clinic hours to accommodate his needs. Leaves and holidays are both contingent on his mood. The fee structure, the number of staff/nurses, the accessories, and the references can all be changed.Do you want to learn more? Visit Stratman Family Dentistry

A dentist should maintain a healthy lifestyle. For someone like me who prioritises family, the ability to combine professional and personal life was extremely appealing. One of my visions was to be able to train young minds as a teacher. The possibility of becoming a lecturer was also considered.

Finally, long-term growth potential was an important factor I considered. Contrary to common opinion, dentistry will continue to expand in both the near and distant future. The demand for dentistry can only grow as the population ages and access to health-care facilities improves. So I don’t have to be concerned about the future.

Sedation dentistry, also known as IV sedation dentistry, allows patients with dental phobias and other special needs to undergo dental procedures when fully comfortable. You’ll be able to breathe on your own during IV sedation, but you’ll be so comfortable that you won’t know much about the operation. Although each dentist who provides sedation dentistry can have slightly different processes and procedures, here is a general overview of what to expect. Although there are many types of sedation dentistry, IV sedation involves administering medication via an intravenous solution to fully calm the patient. These drugs are potent, and they can interact with prescription medications.