All About Bed Bug Inspection

If you have bed bugs in your house, the safest way to get rid of them is to use an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. However, there are certain steps you should do to address the issue before seeking care.

You must take some pre-treatment measures once bed bugs have been detected and verified in your home. For effective bed bug control, the room must be prepared for bed bug inspection.

You may assess the magnitude of the issue by conducting a thorough inspection prior to cleaning. Prior to the application of medication, it avoids bed bug disruption and spread. Have a look at inspection for more info on this.

Checklist for bed bug inspection

a. Remove the drapes and curtains from the window and place them in plastic bin bags that are tightly sealed.

Take all of the bedding, pillows, and cases off the bed and put them in plastic bags. Before transporting the bags to the laundry room, make sure they are fully sealed.

Remove belongings from drawers, closets, nightstands, wardrobes, and tables and put them in plastic bags. Tightly close the pockets.

d. Put all of your clothes, jackets, and shoes in plastic bags. Before taking the bags to the laundry room, make sure they’re fully sealed.

Place all loose clothing (such as garments found outside the dresser) in plastic bags and wash as directed below. Gather all of the things from under the bed and on the floor and place them in plastic bin bags that are tightly sealed. Put all fabric and plush products, with the exception of plush furniture, into plastic bin bags and seal them tightly.

If necessary, remove and wash the pillows from plush furniture.

Move all furniture away from the wall by at least 18 inches. Take off outlet covers, wall switch plates, phone jack plates, and light switch covers.