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Optometry is a medical health profession which involves examining the human eyes, detecting problems and prescribing the appropriate correction of vision and visual disorders with corrective lenses or eyeglasses and treatment and management of eye conditions. It also involves examination of other parts of the body like the abdomen, neck, ears, hands, toes and face. The major part of the eye is the cornea, which is extremely sensitive and requires constant care and attention. It is widely considered that the vision problem can be detected at an early stage and can be corrected easily. Some vision conditions which are detected at an early stage and can be cured easily are glaucoma, cataract and migraine. Have a look at Eyes of Texas.

Eye specialists are extensively involved in detecting eye conditions like strabismus, crossed eyes, misalignment of the double vision, myopia and hypermetropia. They also help in diagnosing other diseases like astigmatism, presbyopia, prescriptive glasses and contacts, eye cancer, dry eye, cataract and ocular hypertension. They examine the patient under a comprehensive eye examination and prescribe appropriate treatment and management of the disease. Some of the common diseases that optometrists diagnose and treat are: cataract, conjunctivitis, chlamydia, hepatitis, hand eye surgery, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, eye cancer, eye macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

Primary health care professionals such as family practitioners, optometrists, and ophthalmologists can provide effective primary health care services for all age groups and can diagnose and treat various eye ailments effectively. In order to ensure complete safety during surgical procedures, it is important that you have an eye doctor who is a certified specialist in performing any particular surgical procedure. The surgical procedures performed by these ophthalmologists and optometrists are highly safe as compared to the surgical procedures performed by general surgeons. However, if you have any eye disease which is being caused due to lifestyle, diet, allergies, or vitamin deficiency then you should immediately consult your trusted ophthalmologist or optometrist so that a proper diagnosis is made and appropriate treatment and care are provided. You should follow all the instructions given by them carefully, and if you are prescribed any medication, follow the same strictly.