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Tools are often costly, and they may not be of professional quality to complete the job properly. The surface must be washed before seal coating; a leaf blower and hose will not produce the same professional results as a commercial blower and washer. When you factor in the time you’ll spend working and the fact that you’ll most definitely ruin your shoes, shirt, trousers, and gloves, it all adds up. It will only cost you a few bucks more to hire a specialist paving and seal coating company than it will to do it yourself, and you will be much happier with the results. “Your asphalt should not be seal coated because it needs to breathe,” according to a common saying. In my work as an asphalt repair contractor, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this incorrect viewpoint. To the advantage of the “naysayers,” I will admit that the argument above contains some facts. Sealcoating fresh asphalt should be avoided for the first 90 days to 6 months. Our website provides info on Elite Sealcoating LLC
The explanation for this is that new asphalt undergoes a curing process during which chemicals are released. When the asphalt is warm, the water should have a rainbowfish hue to it, which indicates that it is still in this process. The water and chemicals are still mixing in this image. It’s time to sealcoat your asphalt after the curing process is over. If you don’t seal the asphalt, it will oxidise and fade. Have you ever noticed how fresh asphalt goes from black to brown to grey to white as it ages? This, my friend, is the direct product of sunlight, water, and other environmental factors. Sealcoating is the only way to save the asphalt from deteriorating due to oxidation. As asphalt becomes oxidised, some of its flexibility is lost, which can lead to cracking. Another significant advantage of sealcoating is the protection it provides against fuel and oil.