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In comparison to alcohol drinkers, marijuana supporters say that smokers are more peaceful. Even though this is easily noticed, it does not justify the use of a drug that causes the aura to become energetically fragmented. I’ve noticed that marijuana smokers’ scattered auras keep them appearing calm, but at a cost. Smokers’ fuzzy aura prevents them from completely feeling their feelings, and once you realise this, it reveals a new, less happy reason for their chosen form of emotional suppression. Checkout Dispensary Near Me for more info.


When people are experiencing disturbing feelings or thoughts, they always try to escape their bodies so they won’t have to deal with them. People who don’t want to experience their emotions have a few options. They can drink alcohol, consume sugar and fast food, zone out in front of the television (which has been shown to cause a quasi-meditative alpha state), or smoke marijuana. Both of these options result in a fractured energy field, compromising the aura’s clarity.

The supposed tranquillity of smokers is a convenient justification. They might feel more relaxed than they would if they didn’t smoke, but they aren’t overcoming their pain in any meaningful way. Their relief from mental distress is just temporary. This means they are unable to effectively treat the pain, which is a concern. If you can’t fix anything because you don’t see it any more, you’ll have to keep forcing rejected feelings down until they’re no longer visible.

This may explain why marijuana is thought to be mentally addictive rather than physically addictive. After all, if you need to keep smoking to avoid doing something you don’t want to experience, you might be suffering from a psychological addiction.

The common phrase among marijuana users is that it helps them “take the pressure off,” which is a euphemism for the mental distress they are trying to escape. To be honest, it’s realistic to admit that emotional distress can be terrifying, and that facing it requires a great deal of bravery and determination. Smoking, on the other hand, will not help you develop bravery and determination.

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