What Will the Bail Bondsman Require of You – Guide

A Bail Bond Company’s services are needed in case someone gets arrested for committing a crime, and later decides to post bail for temporary freedom. This happens when the accused fails to have sufficient money readily available for posting. Checkout Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

We are tasked with ensuring the temporary enjoyment of the accused liberty pending resolution or determination of his case. In effect, we doles out the money that was needed to be paid for the accused’s release.

The circumstance is interesting because not a soul knows exactly who gets arrested and thereafter will be in dire need of financial assistance for his temporary release. In addition , considering the job of a Bail Bond Company, it is also challenging to ensure that the defendant appears in court during the conduct of a scheduled hearing concerning the determination of the case of the accused, not to mention the task of tracking the whereabouts of the latter.

Due to its complexities it is not easy and comfortable in itself to undertake the cumbersome procedure of delivering the process of posting a bail bond. Our companies have expert staff who have already mastered the industry’s ins and outs, making facilitation smooth and slightly faster.

The Fort Myers Bail Bonds, Punta Gorda Bail Bond, Port Charlotte Bail Bond process is typically wearisome. The bail bond is based upon the seriousness of the offense committed. If the offense is kind of a minor criminal offense and your bail is set at $5,000 then you’d pay $500 to a bail bondman to stay away from spending more time in prison.

The fee for a bond is pre-specified in the state of Florida at 10 per cent of the listed bond. There is one exception to the 10 percent rule when a bail bondman is required to post a Federal bond on your behalf. Federal bonds account for 15 per cent of the total amount. It’s also vital that you note that in several cases, if you face multiple charges, you may be required to post a bond for each charge.

You’ll be going through the “booking” process after the accused is arrested. The process typically takes from one to three hours, but it can vary greatly depending on which county you are being arrested, and can take as long as 12 hours.

What Will You Need Bail Bondsman?

The requirement for the Bail Bondsman to impose is dependent on the severity of the charge in relation to the amount of bail bond posted. The Bail Bondsman will require the accused to be accessible and somehow regularly check in, and remain in a particular area until the trial date of the court.