Cannabis dispensary – Notes

A cannabis dispensary, cannabis club, or cannabis coop is a public area where cannabis is legally sold for medicinal or recreational use. In the Netherlands, these are known as coffeeshop. In the United States, they now exist primarily as an outlet for recreational and medical usage. In some jurisdictions, licensed private growers and distributors also operate cannabis shops.You may find more information at Top Shelf Wellness Center Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, Phoenix.

The distribution of medical marijuana began in Colorado after the state approved the Compassionate Care Act, which legalized medical marijuana use for terminally ill patients. Since then, other states have passed similar laws. Recently, Canada announced plans to regulate the sale of marijuana via pharmacies and is expected to be the first developed country in the world to do so. Sales through pharmacies would represent a huge potential tax windfall for licensed cannabis dispensaries. The tax revenue generated from sales would fund educational programs and research into new treatments for medical marijuana use, as well as provide funds for community-based programs that help reduce overall substance abuse.

Currently, two types of cannabis dispensary exist: private ones that cultivate their own plants, and public ones that sell marijuana for profit. Private producers cultivate marijuana plants in greenhouses and grow a variety of strains, including indica, sativa, and civet cats, all of which are different strains of the same plant. Public cannabis dispensaries to sell cannabis to registered patients who need the drug for medicinal purposes. Some have also developed hybrid strains, taking the best of the best from both sources.

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