If your issues persist after you’ve double-checked your thermostat settings, checked your breakers, and changed the filter, it’s probably time to call a pro. Aside from the issues mentioned here, the homeowner can comfortably handle just a few AC repairs. Make an appointment for your annual air conditioner tune-up next year so you can stay cool all summer. A broken or defective air conditioner can be a major nuisance, particularly because it typically breaks down in the middle of the summer. Air conditioners may break down for a variety of reasons. More info¬†explained in the post.

A checklist of five troubleshooting points is given below to assist you in getting your air conditioning system back up and running. Clean the return air filter – A dirty filter can reduce an air conditioner’s performance or even cause damage if it becomes very clogged. A quick filter clean will quickly get your machine back up and running. Cleaning your filter should be done every few weeks or as needed. Take a look at the controller – The most common cause of device problems with an air conditioning controller is owner error. Check to see whether the controller has batteries, the temperature set on the controller, and whether the controller is set to heat or cool. Any of these factors may cause an air conditioner to malfunction.

Add timers and programmes only if you understand how to use and set your controller. If you have any concerns about how the controller functions, contact the company that built your device. Check the Compressor Coil – If your havoc system isn’t working, look for damage around the compressor. Anything out of the ordinary, even if it just sounds out of the ordinary, may be a sign of harm. Make sure the coils aren’t obstructed by something and that nothing is caught in the fan. Restart The Machine – If your air conditioner has stopped working, try restarting it.